Launch Letter

Launch Letter

Dear Gamers,

Welcome to Game Grades!

As of late, our dedicated team has noticed some trends in game review platforms that we aren’t fans of. These include: only using the upper half of a review scale, long-winded essay format reviews, cringeworthy video reviews, and even paid reviews!
This is why we are launching our new platform.
Our goal is to provide you with unbiased, critical, and convenient reviews in report card format.

We have entered a new era of gaming. The video game industry is now worth more than the film, television and music industries combined! You read that right.
So why do these other industries have professional reviews with great production?
We hope to fill the void with our new modern platform. We will release fast and fair reviews of all new blockbuster games in our efficient Game Grades Report© format.
Our format allows gamers to quickly find out if a game is best suited to them based on relevant criteria. This means multiple letter grades in carefully selected “subjects” and an overall grade. The diversity of modern video games has created a vast consumer base with varying opinion. How often have you picked up a well rated game and couldn’t get through the first hour? Game Grades hopes to eliminate that phenomenon along with the need to sift through poorly written reviews with single, misleading numbers. Our grades may seem conservative at first. However, in competing platforms, we have found that the upper end of review scales get crowded. That said, we are not in the business of disparaging other platforms, we just strive to do better!

At Game Grades, we review a game in three main subjects.
The first is production.  Although not always at the forefront of our minds, these criteria can make or break a game.
The second category is gameplay. In the pursuit of fairness, we always rank games within their own genre.
The third category is features. We grade the game based on the content it has and wouldn’t scrutinize a predominantly online game for lacking a cohesive single-player campaign.

We wish to provide what others have not. Our report card format streamlines the shopping phase so gamers can get gaming!

Before we launch, we want to show you the Game Grades Report© format, so we reviewed a game most everyone has played.
Click on the link below to see our revolutionary platform in action on Skyrim Remastered.

Stay tuned for launch day on October 28th when we will be releasing our review of Assassin’s Creed Origins and the entire AC series!

If you have any questions or want to join our mailing list, please email us at:
If we get enough emails requesting a game review we haven’t done, we’ll do it!
With your help, we look forward to changing the dynamic of the review industry!

Thank you,
The Game Grades Team